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 to the Illinois State Board of Education School Information Page. Here you will find all the information you need for any School or School District in the State of Illinois. These websites will provide you with the demographic, financial and academic information you are looking for.

bullet Quick Links

  • School and District Statistics (Enrollment, directories, report cards, demographics, performance reports etc.)
  • Student Statistics (dropout & graduation rates, home-schooling, program statistics etc.)
  • Teacher Statistics (RIF, Salary, Supply & Demand etc.)

  • General State Aid

  • Claimable Average Daily Attendance by Grade
  • Claimable Average Daily Attendance and Calendar Data
  • Calculation of Entitlement
  • Payment Schedule
  • GSA Claim Form Attendance Analysis
  • GSA Inquiry
  • Questions? Contact Ethelene Ferdinand (217) 782-5256

Along with new standards and a new emphasis on growth, the state’s School Report Card debuted October 31, 2013 with a new streamlined look and more information about each school to help drive community discussions and school improvement.

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bullet School Reports and Statistical Data -

These links will provide you with information about the following:

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