Student Assessment

2014 PSAE Training Webinar


The 2014 PSAE Training Webinar consists of 114 slides and is posted in three parts for more flexibility in viewing. The associated PowerPoint Presentation is also available for download.

For attendance purposes, you must provide your e-mail address before you can open the Webinar recording.


If you experience any difficulty viewing the video segments due to a codec error, please download the Go to Meeting codec at:


You may now register for a live Question and Answer Webinar Session by clicking on the session below. Each question and answer session is tentatively scheduled for one hour — or until all questions are answered. Participants are expected to have viewed all three parts of the 2014 PSAE Training Webinar recording prior to attending a question and answer session. The sessions will cover the same material so please register for the single session that works best for you.

Question and Answer Session Webinar Dates and Times (click on session to register)