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State Board Room - Fourth Floor
100 N. First Street
Springfield, Illinois

March 16, 2000 
9:30 a.m.


A. Call to Order/Roll Call

B. Approval of Minutes: February 16-17, 2000
                                          March 6, 2000

C. Items for Immediate Action

  1. Priorities for Continuing Professional Development
  2. Special Education Teacher Certification Structure
  3. Semi-Annual Waiver Report
  4. Academic Early Warning List
  5. Proposed Rulemaking:  Public Schools Evaluation, Recognition and Supervision (Part I - Emergency Amendment on Academic Early Warning List)
  6. Financial Assurance and Accountability System
  7. Proposed Rulemaking
    1. Certification (Part 25 - Repeal of General Education Requirements)
    2. Secular Textbook Loan Program (Part 350)
  8. Resolution of Appreciation

D. Special Report

  1. Report of the Auditor General and the Internal  Auditor

E. Announcements and Reports

  1. Chairman
  2. Superintendent
  3. Committees
  4. Board Members

F. Other Business

G. Adjourn

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