Vinni M. Hall, Ph.D. brings more than thirty years of education experience, in both instruction and administration, to the State Board of Education. She served as a consultant to Chicago Public Schools and the Illinois Center for Education and Rehabilitation. Previously, Dr. Hall was an Associate Professor/Special Education Chair at Chicago State University and Director of the Inclusive Schools Project for Chicago Public Schools.  

She began her teaching career at CPS in 1967 where she taught early learners; learners in grades 2-12; adult learners; students receiving services for learning, behavior and communication disabilities; library science; math; music and drama.

In addition to serving as State Board Secretary, Dr. Hall is a member of the Education Policy Planning Committee and the Board Operations Committee. She was appointed to the State Board of Education in September 2004 and her current term will expire in January 2015.

Dr. Hall has participated in the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) English Language Learners, Early Childhood Education and Career and Technology Study Groups. She has been recently appointed to the School Structure Study Group. She is a member of the Early Learning Council.

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