ISBE Division Descriptions

Agency General Information
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Assessment and Accountability
Board Services
Center for Language and Early Development
Budget & Financial Management
Center for Performance
Data Analysis
Facility Management
General Counsel
Federal & State Monitoring
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Human Resources & Labor Relations
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Innovation & Improvement
Regional Offices of Education & Intermediate Service Centers
Specialized Instruction Nutrition & Wellness
Center for Educator Effectiveness

State Board of Education

State Board of Education— 217-557-6626
The State Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. Board members serve four-year terms, with State Board membership limited to two consecutive terms.

The board sets educational policies and guidelines for public and private schools, preschool through grade 12, as well as vocational education. It analyzes the aims, needs and requirements of education and recommends legislation to the General Assembly and Governor for the benefit of the more than 2 million school children in Illinois.

State Superintendent — 217-782-2221

Agency Education Divisions

Assessment & Accountability Division

Assessment — 217-782-4823 or 866-317-6034

Administers the state student assessment system, including the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) and the Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment (DLM-AA). Also coordinates Illinois' participation in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

Center for Language and Early Development

Early Childhood — 217-524-4835
The Early Childhood Division supports the youngest learners in Illinois by administering the Early Childhood Block Grant which funds programs specifically designed to serve families with children birth to age three called ‘Prevention Initiative’ programs and programs specifically designed to serve children age 3 to 5 years called ‘Preschool for All’. The division provides leadership and technical assistance to support high-quality educational programs for children who are determined to be at risk of academic failure and children with disabilities as well as a variety of resources for parents, teachers and administrators.

English Language Learning — 312-814-3850
Supports programs for students (bilingual, immigrant, migrant, and refugee) acquiring knowledge and skills in the English language, including, but limited to: Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE), Transitional Programs of Instruction (TPI), Federal NCLB/Title III Language Instruction Programs for Limited English Proficient Students (LIPLEP) and Emergency Immigrant Education Program (IEP); and Migrant Education Program (MEP). DELL also sponsors a Visiting Teacher Exchange Program (VTEP) with the Spain Ministry of Education where additional teachers can be recruited by school districts for cultural exchanges.

General Counsel — 217-782-8535

The Office of the General Counsel is comprised of the following Divisions: (1) Charter Schools Division; (2) Government Relations Division; (3) Legal Division; (4) Public School Recognition Division; and (5) Rules & Waivers Division.

The following provides further detail as to the scope of work of each Division:

Charter Schools — 312-814-2223
The Agency is the central point of contact for all work related to Illinois charter schools and the liaison between ISBE and the Illinois Charter School Commission.  Such work involves:  (a) the certification of newly-approved charter schools and charter schools approved on renewal, whether authorized by school districts or the Commission; (b) the oversight of any federal or state charter school grants made through ISBE; and (c) the provision of technical assistance to charter school developers, charter school operators, school districts, and others with an interest in the development, operation and performance of charter schools.  Charter School personnel can be reached at 312-814-2223. 

Governmental Relations — 217-782-6510
The Governmental Relations Division provides policy development and agency planning based on data analysis, public reporting of performance in relation to legislative requirements and Board goals in addition to representing the Agency before the General Assembly.   Legislative Liaison Amanda Elliott is located in the Springfield office and can be reached at and 217-782-6510.

Legal — 312-814-2223 (Chicago) or 217-782-8535 (Springfield)
The Legal Division develops and reviews external agreements as appropriate, provides advice to the Board and all agency divisions on various legal issues, coordinates with the Office of the Attorney General on litigation against or on behalf of the agency, and issues legal opinions for Regional Education Offices upon request.  Attorneys in the Legal Division are assigned to be the principal legal liaison with one or more Agency divisions.

Public School Recognition — 312-814-2223
The Public School Recognition Division works with the Regional Offices of Education to monitor school district compliance with the School Code and other applicable statutes/rules and assigns recognition status levels to schools and districts.  The division also works with school districts, parents and students with respect to areas of district compliance.  Additional areas of concentration include issues related to school district residency, enrollment of and services for homeless students, and incidents of school bullying. 

Rules and Waivers — 217-782-5270
The Rules & Waivers Division (a) handles the Agency’s rulemaking, (b) processes school districts’ waiver requests, (c) coordinates the Agency’s grant processes and works to help prepare the Agency’s requests for proposals/sealed proposals; and (d) assists in handling constituent and school district inquiries.


Center for Innovation & Improvement

College & Career Readiness — 217-524-4832
The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Division in the Center for Innovation and Improvement focuses on the implementation of the Common Core standards and the improvement of student achievement through a variety of programs. 

CCR staff administers Perkins and CTEI funds, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Gifted Education, Arts and Foreign Language, Advanced Placement, High Schools that Work, and STEM and STEM Learning Exchanges.

Staff members provide leadership and technical assistance to local districts and regional staff to support quality CCR programs, career development, counseling, and academic improvement in the five Career and Technical Education areas: Agricultural Education, Business, Marketing and Computer Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Science Technology, and Technology and Engineering Education (Industrial)

Division activities include instructional program improvement, grant approval, and performance data analysis to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of CCR programs and activities, before and after school programs, and specialty programs. 

System of Support & District Intervention — 217-524-4832
The Statewide System of Support and District Intervention Division provides leaderships and directs the overall operations for the Illinois Statewide System of Support including The Center for School Improvement which assists districts and schools with their continuous improvement processes in order to ensure that all students succeed in postsecondary education and career opportunities. Furthermore, the division oversees the, the 1003(g) School Improvement Grant, a competitive grant that provides the states lowest performing schools and unprecedented opportunity to transform their school. In addition, the division coordinates the agencies activities related to state intervention in High-Priority Districts.

Title Grant Administration — 217-524-4832
The Title Grants Division provides leadership and direction on federal grants and programs that promote improved achievement in schools that serve low-income students and support teachers and leaders. This division oversees the NCLB consolidated Grant Application (Title I, Part A, and Title II), Neglected and Delinquent, Non-Public Recognition, and Civil Rights Compliance. In addition, the division responds to NCLB complaints and federal waiver opportunities.

Regional Office Education Services

Regional Superintendents of Schools are locally elected officials who administer Regional Offices of Education, which are grouped by county or counties throughout Illinois. By law, Intermediate Service Centers serve the functions of Regional Superintendents of Schools and Regional Offices of Education in Suburban Cook County.

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Specialized Instruction Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness Programs — 217-782-2491
Administers state and federal nutrition programs for schools, child care centers, family day care homes, and community based organizations. Programs include the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program, After-School Snack Program, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Summer Food Service Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program, and Food Distribution (Commodities) Program. Supports and promotes overall wellness and readiness to learn by providing technical assistance to program sponsors to implement quality programs that provide access and a safe environment to receive healthy meals, accommodate special dietary needs, and promote physical activity for all children.

Special Education Services Division

Springfield — 217-782-5589
Assures that special education programs and services meet state and federal requirements; includes conflict resolution (conducting complaint investigations, providing mediation services, administering the due process system); data collection (SPP/APR); focused monitoring of school districts; grant activities (IDEA Part B Flow-Thru and Discretionary); technology (school technology and virtual schools); educational surrogate parent program, charter schools, 34-37 applications, parent mentor/training information, homeless education, secondary transition services, deaf and hard of hearing services, Regional Safe Schools (RSSP), Truants Alternative Optional Education Programs (TAOEP); Alternative Learning Optional Programs (ALOP), School Mental Health, State-Wide System of Support; Assistive Technology, LEA Determinations, and District Special Education Profiles.

Provides technical assistance and training to school personnel, parents and others on the special education rules, processes and procedural safeguards. Provides support to local education agencies and parents to facilitate and improve services for special education-eligible students; conducts and coordinates technical assistance and professional development activities in special education program and service areas.

Chicago — 312-814-5560
Assures that special education programs and services meet state and federal requirements; includes focused monitoring of CPS District #299 and other school districts, approving nonpublic special education programs, providing technical assistance regarding health and school nursing, providing technical assistance and training to school personnel, parents and others on the special education rules, processes and procedural safeguards; providing support to local education agencies and parents to facilitate and improve services for special education-eligible students; conducting and coordinating technical assistance and professional development activities in special education programs and service areas.

Teacher & Leader Effectiveness

Educator Licensure — 217-557-6763
Processes and issues teacher, school service personnel, administrator, paraprofessional and substitute licenses. Coordinates candidate testing for state licensure. Audits educator licensure renewal. Collaborates with colleges, universities, not-for-profit entities and ROEs on licensure initiatives.

Preparation & Evaluation (Higher Education) —217-557-6763
Consult with institutions of educator preparation in educator program design, implementation, and follow up topics; annual review of institutions’ programs of educator preparation for continuous improvement at the institutional and program level; development of policies and procedures to communicate and provide support and assistance to institutions regarding statute and administrative rules; supporting the work of the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council; supporting Induction and Mentoring throughout the State of Illinois; and providing leadership for the Illinois Educator Preparation and Licensure Board.

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Agency Operations Divisions

Board Services — 217-557-6626

Budget and Financial Management — 217-782-0249
Coordinates consolidated fund management and budget/accounting functions throughout the Agency.

Center for Performance — 217-782-3950
Oversees many of the Agency's initiatives including Race to the Top, The 5Essentials Survey, IL Collaborative for Education Policy Research (ICEPR), Illinois Shared Learning Environment (ISLE), the Student (SIS), Employment (EIS) and Illinois State Course (ISCS) Systems.The Center recently released Illinois School Report Card. Also oversees the Data Analysis Division.

Data Analysis — 217-782-3950
Analyzes data for policy and planning; coordinates annual reporting on progress related to Board goals and legislative requirements.

Facility Management
Supports the overall operations of the Agency by offering the following services: facility management and security; mail and messenger; warehouse receiving and delivery; graphics, printing and copy center; supply room; and telecom and records management.

Federal & State Monitoring — 217-782-7970
Provides consolidated and comprehensive financial and compliance audit and monitoring services

Fiscal and Procurement — 217-785-8777

Funding and Disbursements — 217-782-5256
Oversees the accounting, claims, vouchering and expenditure reporting of all state and federal grant funds to school districts and other service providers; approve and disburse all special education categorical program applications for state funding; via the Illinois Purchase Care Review Board, propose tuition and room and board rates for approval; oversee all pupil transportation and provision of service; process all claims for child nutrition; provide technical assistance for completing all public school calendars; process all federal A-133 Single Audits.

Human Resources & Labor Relations — 217-782-6434
Manages personnel and labor relations functions, including but not limited to: employment, compensation, benefits, diversity, personnel records, employee assistance, bargaining unit agreement administration and negotiation and investigations of internal complaints.

Information Technology — 217-782-4313
Designs, develops, and maintains automated data processing systems for Agency, regional offices and school district clients; provides systems analysis, computer programming, database design and administration, systems testing and evaluation, and user training. Also supports Agency’s technology helpdesk services, hardware/software provisioning, network infrastructure, servers, webinar conferencing and video teleconferencing; coordinates mainframe processing; converts hardcopy data to electronic media for computer processing.

Internal Audit — 217-782-2237
Conducts internal risk analysis and audits.

Public Information — 217-782-4648
Provides information to media, educators, legislators, stakeholders and the public; oversees teacher and school recognition programs; produces internal and external communications material; and designs and manages agency web site.

School Business Services — 217-785-8779
Collects and researches school district financial data, oversees school district reorganization, provides financial consulting and technical assistance to school districts and operates the health life safety program.

State Funding and Forecasting — 217-782-0249
The State Funding and Forecasting Division collects and processes data necessary for the forecast and calculation of General State Aid (GSA) grants awarded to public school districts and regional education programs. Provides forecasting tools to districts and maintains historical data sets and explanatory documents about GSA. Prepares models to determine the impact of proposed changes to the distribution of GSA and other state grant programs.

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