Federal and State Monitoring


A review by the staff of Federal and State Monitoring includes the audit of State Categoricals and fiscal/programmatic compliance review of State and Federal Grants. Federal and State Monitoring

Districts are selected for review based on the need to meet regulatory cycles and through a risk-based selection process that includes the district's geographics and size. Sources of revenue for districts are also selected for review based upon risk analysis.

Districts will be notified of an upcoming review by the receipt of an announcement letter which is sent 45 days in advance. Staff also calls in advance to arrange a mutually acceptable time and date. To be prepared for your review, you may also wish to review the checklist and list of "proof indicators"to know what records and documents will be needed to prepare for the visit. A new item available in the Checklist tab is a resource to help districts with “Time and Effort” reporting requirements.

Every year districts are required to submit their comparability analysis and to assist with this process we have added a new Questions and Answers and Common Errors document to our resources and training materials.

 Contact Information

Division Administrator:

Matthew Ulmer

Springfield Office (Main): 217/782-7970
Springfield Office (Fax): 217/782-2116

Springfield Address:

100 North 1st Street W-375
Springfield, Illinois 62777-0001

  Federal and State Monitoring Customer Service Survey

For your convenience a "Customer Service Survey" form is available to provide us with feedback on the audit/monitoring visit experience. We welcome your comments that will help us improve our delivery of service. You may mail the form to the address at the top of the form or Fax your survey form to 217/782-2116.

If you have questions or need additional information you may contact our division at 217/782-7970 or e-mail

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 NCLB Monitoring Instrument 

Every year districts are required to complete the NCLB Monitoring Instrument located in the IWAS system. The document will contain links to the federal guidelines, rules and regulations that govern the grants. A crosswalk between the NCLB required policies/procedures and samples of those policies provided by the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) on a subscription basis is posted below. A sample of a completed Monitoring Instrument is available here.

The previous year's data will load for those of you who have completed the form last year. You can then update only those portions that have changed. However, you will be required to provide a written statement in each of the 39 questions and sub-questions prior to submitting the form. The sample documents, located in the Resources box on the right, will provide you with examples of the kind of supporting documentation and statements required to clarify and verify your response. The deadline for submitting is November 30th annually.

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  Title I Comparability Analysis (10/3/16)

Districts will use the electronic resource for the annual NCLB Title I Comparability analysis. The submittal deadline is November 30th annually. The document is located on the IWAS system. Instructions for completing and filing your comparability analysis are available below or in the IWAS system.

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