FOIA Requests—FY 2015

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to government documents and records. As a state agency, the Illinois State Board of Education is subject to the Illinois FOIA. Requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act, response letters, and responsive documents are themselves public records and are subject to FOIA requests.

FOIA request logs are available online beginning July 1, 2009.

The following table contains ISBE’s FOIA log FY 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015). Links from three columns provide access to requests submitted, correspondence between ISBE and requesters and documents provided.

NOTE: If the Document Provided column is blank, the FOIA request is not yet completed.

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FY 2015

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Log #
Date Received
8/8/2014 Withdrawn Withdrawn Withdrawn 
8/7/2014 Sonia Perez A list of teachers who were dismissed from the Chicago Public Schools or Chicago Board of Education. Specifically the teachers would be limited to those who were dismissed after receiving an unsatisfactory rating in the 2012-2013 school year.   
No responsive docs
8/7/2014 TSR data for 2012-2013. 
No responsive docs
8/7/2014 Tijuana Woods Information regarding the 7% fee increase during the June 27, 2014 Chicago State University board meeting. 
No responsive docs
8/6/2014 Joe Turek To know if the following people held Illinois certificates as teachers or teacher’s aides also if any of these individuals were certified in Illinois as Early Childhood Teacher’s or Early Childhood Teacher aides.  In case there are duplicate names in the ISBE files please list the city of residence; Mainly interested in school years 2008 thru 2012: Kimberly L Hansen, Gwen Nelson, Erin Thompson, Cheryl Hribik, Packiyaluxmy Shanmugabaskaran, Paige Goll.
No (directed to info on the web)
8/5/2014 Scott Reeder Illinois Policy Institute 1. All documents related to the suspension of the teaching certificate of Chassappi Rain; 2. All ISBE emails regarding Chassappi Rain  from Jan. 1, 2010, to the present; 3. All tenure teacher hearing officer finding regarding Chassappi Rain.
Yes (docs provided)
8/4/2014 Daschell Phillips Hyde Park Herald Names, titles and addresses of all CPS SD299 board of education officers and members from 2011 to present, including Tim Cawley.
No responsive docs
8/1/2014 Citizen Detailed information regarding special education ALOP funds, including 1. Communications between ISBE and CUSD 303, Batavia SD 101, CUSD 301, CUSD 302, 304, Mid Valley Special Education Coop, Kane County ROE from 2012 to 8/1; 2.  Communications between ISBE and taxpayers regarding CUSD 303/ Mid Valley Special Ed Coop; 3. List of all school districts approved for ALOP since 2010; 4. Communications between ISBE and politicians regarding amending the school code as it relates to ALOP since 2012; 4a.  And copies of current bills pending related to ALOP from 2010; 4b. copy of school code that identifies the use of carry over funds from ALOP funds received; 5. Copies of site visit communications and records to Mid-valley, Kane County ROE and CUSD 303 in May 2014 as related to ALOP; 6. Copy of Mid-Valley ALOP applications and continuum applications submitted to ISBE in 2012, 2013, 2014; 7. Copy of investigative report conducted by ISBE related to St. Charles CUSD 303 and Mid-Valley ALOP once becomes available.
Yes (docs provided)
7/30/2014 Rebecca Cassell Myers and Myers All records, complaints, notes, files, investigation materials, interview notes or statements, recorded statements, correspondence, findings, and all other documented or recorded information relating to complaint(s) regarding, the Association for Child Development (a Michigan Nonprofit Corporation) from May 23, 2013 through 7/30/2014.
Yes (docs provided)
7/29/2014 Jason Nippa The following for employee Cullen L. Cullen: 1. All salary and reimbursement records, including list of salary by year; 2. All expenditures for travel, conference or event attendance; 3. All health coverage disbursement records; 4. Any service credit earned or pensionable wages.
Yes (PDF)
7/28/2014 Dee Carroll Carroll Services Inc. An excel spreadsheet, that will include the following fields: 1. Public and Private School District agreement number; 2. Public and Private School District name; 3. Food Service Directors first and last name; 4. Public and Private School District address, city and zip; 5. Food Service Director email; 6. Food Service Director phone number.
Yes (Excel)
7/28/2014 Ralph Fagen Progressive Learning The lists of the focus and priority schools, including the names of the districts for the 2014-15 school year.
No (directed to info on the web)
7/28/2014 Daniel Bastean A copy of all communications from the ISBE and Quincy Public School District regarding his fiscal year 1993 Section 20-5 complaint.
Yes (PDF1, PDF1a, PDF2, PDF3)
7/28/2014 Babylon Williams The following as it applies to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program FY14 grantees: 1.  Copies of the submitted grant applications/proposals and their respective scores for the following grantees: Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action; Chicago Public School District 299; Enlace Chicago; Urban Gateways: Center for Arts Education ; Family Focus, INC.  2.  The scoring rubric used by ISBE to score each of the 21st Century applications above.
Yes (docs provided)
7/25/2014 Scott O'Connell All records provided in response to FOIA numbers14-304, 14-313 and 14-317.
Yes (docs provided)
7/24/2014 Theodore Wynnychenko TSR data for 1986-1987 through 2000-2001.
Yes (docs provided)
7/18/2014 Teri Engler Sraga Hauser, LLC Public records maintained by the ISBE regarding Barbara T. Doyle, autism consultant, including but not limited to teaching certification(s) or certification renewal(s); CVs; applications for employment; grant applications or grant-related information relative to Ms. Doyle’s involvement with ITAP or other grant-funded activities; training, technical assistance, or consultation provided to or on behalf of the ISBE; complaints filed by or relative to Ms. Doyle; etc.
No (directed to info on the web)
7/17/2014 Steven Stone Offit Kurman The following for Christanel Marrie Delaroche (aka McQuigg) (aka Guerrero) (aka Kuritz); DOB 03/17/1985: Employment Applications, Correspondence, Notes, Employee Records, Personnel Records, Evaluations, Reports, Emergency Contact Forms, Referrals, Pay Stubs and Salary History, Emplyment, teaching or other educator certificates, eveidence of teacher and or other positions held in IL, including but not limited to Cook County 
No responsive docs
7/17/2014 Citizen Copies of procedures outlining the steps and guidelines to the approval of “Request For Authorization To Employ Teacher In Position Otherwise Unfilled” application.
Yes (PDF)
7/17/2014 Betsy Boswell CCSD 59 Superintendent email addresses
Yes (Excel)
7/16/2014 Mark Shelden The names and addresses of all staff for the public schools in Illinois that are within your system including teachers, principals, and superintendents.
No (directed to web)
7/15/2014 Dan Oakley WIU Superintendent contact information
Yes (Excel)
7/10/2014 Angela Tin American Lung Association 1. Copies off any and all radon test results performed by school districts; 2. Copies of any and all report(s) filed by the School Board submitted to the General Assembly 3. Copies of the report(s) filed by the School Board submitted to the Governor; 4. Copies of any reports, findings, decisions made, etc. in response to the radon test results; 5. Copies of any written or documented verbal responses from the General Assembly; and 6. Copies of any written or documented verbal responses from the Governor.
Yes (PDF)
7/10/2014 Robb Cooper Ottosen, Britz, Kelly, Cooper, Gilbert & DiNolfo, Ltd. 1. Any and all documented communications and correspondence, including email correspondence, the Illinois State Board of Education has received from Mr. Jose (or Joe) Gallego within the last three years. This request includes any FOlA requests Mr. Gallego made to the Illinois State Board of Education within the last three years. 2. Any and all documented communications and correspondence, including email correspondence, sent to Mr. Jose (or Joe) Gallego from the Illinois State Board of Education within the last three years. This request includes any responses the Illinois State Board of Education has made to Mr. Gallego's FOlA requests within the last three years.
Yes (docs provided)
7/7/2014 Linda Scaro SWITS, Ltd. A copy of the current (as of July 2014) contract for language translation services with the State Board of Education and Multilingual Connections
Yes (PDF)
7/7/2014 Diane Rado Chicago Tribune 1. A list of all educators in the last five years who possess/teach under a Form 73-96 – “Request for Authorization To Employ Teacher in Position Otherwise Unfilled”  --or any precursor or successor form to Form 73-96 that allows a district to employ a teacher in a position otherwise unfilled. 2. A list of all educators in the last five years who possess/teach under a Form 73-86 – “Application for Short Term Emergency Approval in Special Education” – or any precursor or successor form to form 73-86 that allows a district to employ a teacher in a short-term emergency position in special education. 3. A list of all educators in the last five years who possess/teach under Form 73-63 – “Request for Issuance of Provisional License” – or any precursor or successor form to Form 73-63 that allows a district to employer a teacher in provisional license status.
No (denial)
7/7/2014 Tim Pinner Heat and Frost Insulators Local 17 Any and all info pertaining to the new Concept Charter Schools being built at 5401 S. Western and 8522 S. Lafayette (Chicago Lawn and Chatham). Where does the funding come from? How much? Is it CPS or State of Illinois?  Are there any Federal Funds involved?
No (directed to web)
7/7/2014 Kimberly McClellan Requests copies of public financial records that were submitted by Giant Steps Illinois and Giant Steps St. Louis to the Illinois Purchase Care Review Board. This would include all of the documents and financial statements used to justify their rates in providing a non-public education to children in Illinois as well as any appeals filed and their associated documents for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years.
Yes( docs provided)
7/7/2014 Lei Xuan Medill School of Journalism The amount of funding the Illinois state government spent on Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, respectively, in the Fiscal Year 2013.
No (no responsive docs)
7/7/2014 Daniel Bastean 1. Daniel Bastean's e-mail and attachments dated May 2, 2014 to Debra Hemberger, Christine Kolaz, Nicki Bazer and Debra Vespa, subject: Uniform Grievance 2. 2. Daniel Bastean's e-mail dated July 2, 2014 cc'ed to Debra Vespa, Christine Kolaz, Nicki Bazer, and Debra Hemberger, subject: Cobb Decision. 3. Daniel Bastean's e-mail (grievance) and attachments dated July 2, 2014 to Nicki Bazer, Debra Vespa, Debra Hemberger and Christine Kolaz, subject: 105 ILCS 5/3-10.
Yes (hard copies provided)
7/72014 Parent Information and records regarding due process complaints and the involvement of attorneys in the process.
No (partial denial, directed to data on web)
7/2/2014 Parent All emails, letters, memos, notes, documents, and correspondences sent from/to/among the Illinois State Board of Education (Dr. Lynda Vaughn and Jeffrey Aranowski), Kane County Regional Office of Education and Community Unit School District 303 ) in regards to issues surrounding a Student Records Review and Student Records Hearing from October 1, 2013 thru July 2, 2014.
Yes (doc provided)
7/1/2014 Kelly Hall St. Louis Area Foodbank Requests National School Breakfast participation data for all schools in the state of Illinois for the 2012-2013 school year including: County, School District Code, School Name, Address, Food Service Director/Primary Contact, Enrollment, Free and Reduced Eligible Students, Free and Reduced Student Participation, Free and Reduced Participation % in the Breakfast Program, Participating in Community Eligibility Provision, Serving Venue.
Yes (docs provided)