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Funding Opportunities

Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Applications (RFA)

The chart below lists the title of each RFP and RFA currently available in the order of the proposal due date. To see the main body of the RFP or RFA, click on the title.

Grant Title Proposal/Application Due Date Eligible Applicants Contact
21st Century Community Learning Centers August 11, 2014
5:00 PM CDT
Public and private entities including local education agencies (LEAs) such as public school districts, public university laboratory schools approved by ISBE, state-authorized charter schools, area vocational centers, regional offices of education (ROE), and intermediate service centers (ISC); community-based organizations (CBO) including faith-based organizations (FBO); and other public and private entities are eligible to apply.

A consortium of two or more eligible applicants may also submit a proposal as a joint application.

An applicant is not required to have previous experience in providing after-school programs; however, applicants lacking such experience must demonstrate in their proposals that they can be successful in providing educational and related activities that will complement and enhance the academic performance, achievement, and positive youth development of the students to be served.

Refers specifically to charter schools that are authorized by ISBE as opposed to charter schools authorized by LEAs.  Charter schools authorized by LEAs are not eligible to apply independently from their authorizing LEAs.
Tiffany Taylor