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Request for Sealed Proposals (RFSP) for Competitive Contracts

Title Brief Description Proposal Due Date
IEP Facilitation Training and Support

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) seeks a contractor to serve as the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Facilitation Training and Support entity. The scope of work will include: delivering an initial three-day training to a small cadre of potential state-sponsored IEP facilitators and ISBE staff; developing a webinar for districts and parents on the IEP Facilitation System; delivering continuing education to state-sponsored IEP facilitators; providing consultation to ISBE as needed; and collaborating with ISBE on finalizing all professional development activities to ensure that they align to ISBE’s vision for the IEP Facilitation System and are reflective of the participants’ needs.

November 3, 2014
2:00 PM CDT
Illinois Education Lead Research Entity

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) seeks to maximize the value of its data assets for the purposes of data-informed policy making and program improvement.  To this end, ISBE seeks a contractor — the Illinois Education Lead Research Entity (“Lead Research Entity”) — who will perform several different data and policy research-related functions with regard to the State of Illinois’ educational data.  The Lead Research Entity will be accountable for achieving the following outcomes:  (1) conduct research of mutual interest to the Lead Research Entity and ISBE and research on behalf of several ISBE divisions; (2) collaborate with ISBE to establish a research agenda; (3) provide professional development and technical assistance to ISBE; and (4) communicate research findings with Illinois education stakeholders.  Through these outcomes, the Lead Research Entity will both directly build knowledge and insights, as well as capacity for others to do so.

November 7, 2014
2:00 PM CDT

All RFSPs or Contract Award Notices for more than $20,000 are posted to the Illinois Department of Central Management Services’ (CMS) Procurement Bulletin. The website address is

For your convenience, a list of the State Board of Education’s RFSPs that are currently available is found above.  However, if you would like to receive any solicitations, please access the website address above to register as follows.

If you need assistance, then please contact the Illinois Procurement Bulletin Help Desk toll free at 1-866-ILL-BUYS (1-866-455-2897). Please note that registration is not required if you only want to browse through the site; however, you need to register with CMS to view any RFSPs or solicitations.

Once you are registered, you may access a solicitation by clicking on “IllinoisBid”.  On the top right of the page, select “Sort Agency”. For State Board of Education’s solicitations, scroll down to “SBE” and click on the triangle. The solicitation that you are seeking will be listed. Click on the solicitation number and the RFSP will be located at the bottom of the screen as an attachment.

Resources for Proposal Development

Information that summarizes the requirements for submitting a proposal as outlined in the RFSP is available at Tips for Completing Requests for Sealed Proposals (RFSP) PDF Format.

Ethics Requirements

Information about ethics, registration and reporting requirements, and limitations on campaign contributions for certain vendors and bidders can be found at


Section 20-160 (b) of the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (30 ILCS 500) requires that “every bid submitted to and every contract executed by the State on or after [January 1, 2009,] shall contain (1) a certification by the bidder or contractor that either (i) the bidder or contractor is not required to register as a business entity with the State Board of Elections pursuant to this Section or (ii) the bidder or contractor has registered as a business entity with the State Board of Elections and acknowledges a continuing duty to update the registration; and (2) a statement that the contract is voidable under Section 50-60 for the bidder’s or contractor’s failure to comply with this Section.”

The Agency must reject bids that do not comply with these provisions.

Further information about this process can be found in Section 1.5207 of rules governing Procurement (44 Ill. Adm. Code 1.5037).

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