Child Lures Prevention

Has Your School Implemented Child Lures Prevention Program yet?

Child Lures PreventionIllinois State Board of Education is a proud partner of the Child Lures Prevention Initiative, a first-ever statewide effort to help safeguard students from predatory crimes.

A Child Lures School Program kit has already been sent (free of charge) to all 3220 Illinois public elementary and middle schools. It is a turn-key program, complete with two videos, one to prepare teachers to present the program, and one to present to children, along with a Presenter’s Guide and one copy of the Child Lures Parent Guide.

We encourage implementation of this personal safety program within your health curriculum, school assembly programs or in whatever way best suits your school. Should you have questions regarding the program, please visit for information. While visiting this site, please note that free School Program Posters are also available for download to print and display throughout your classrooms.

The Child Lures Prevention Initiative received statewide attention during an NBC5 Town Hall Meeting Telecast: “Smart Choices/Safe Kids” which features Child Lures Prevention creator, Kenneth Wooden demonstrating the lures most commonly used by predators, as well as families who have had experiences with sexual predators.

The 45 minute commercial-free “Smart Choices/Safe Kids” can be found on your School Program’s Student Video, “Luring: What Would You Do?.” You are welcome to show “Smart Choices/Safe Kids” to students, parents and staff as often as you’d like.

Program creator Ken Wooden states, “As an educator, I feel it is imperative to give children a perspective on personal safety which is both balanced and accurate. Child Lures Prevention does this with two messages. The first and most powerful message is that the vast majority of people are loving and caring and committed to the safety of all children. The second message is that there are some people, a small but active group, that try to lure young people into dangerous and abusive situations by using lures, but by teaching the various lures and prevention strategies, students can learn how to think first and stay safe.”

Additional partners of the Child Lures Prevention Initiative include Illinois Principals Association, IL Department of Children and Family Services, Illinois State Police, IL Department of Human Services and Illinois Violence Prevention Authority on the Child Lures Prevention Initiative.

*Funding from the Illinois State Police was provided, in part, by grant # 2003-DB-BX-0037, awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. Points of view or opinions contained within the Child Lures Prevention program are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice, or the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority.