Illinois Learning Standards

Stage H - English Language Arts

English Language Arts Classroom Assessments Aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards

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The assessments are coded according to standard and stage. Example: 1A.H is aligned to standard 1A, stage H (eighth grade). Sample student work, when available, follows the assessment.

  • 1A.H - Crossword Puzzle

    The student will identify from a word list, the meaning of unfamiliar words and develop a crossword puzzle using the meanings and vocabulary words.
  • 1B.H - Literary Comparison

    The student will read and compare two literary selections and complete a Venn diagram to show understanding of the selections.
  • 1C.H - Questions

    The student will activate prior knowledge and use higher level thinking skills to develop open-ended questions and compare sample answers after reading several literary selections
  • 2A.H - Story Scrapbook

    After reading and discussing several literary works as a class, pairs of students will develop a comparison worksheet for a class scrapbook.
  • 2B.H - Folktale Quilt

    After reading and summarizing information from different genres, the student will select a folktale theme and incorporate it into a modern day story.
  • 3A.H - Paul Revere's Ride

    Using process writing, each student will write a multi-paragraph narrative paper describing where you lived when Paul Revere rode through the village on his famous historical ride.
  • 3B.H - Job Interview

    Each student is to write a multi-paragraphed, expository composition in which he/she explains how he/she should conduct himself/herself before, during, and after a job interview.
  • 3C.H - School Day

    Each student will write a multi-paragraph persuasive essay on the prompt, “Extending the School Day.”
  • 4A.H - Recording Instructions

    After listening and taking notes on a classmate’s presentation and instructions on a demonstration, the students will be paired and use notes to recreate the instructions.
  • 4B.H - Honor Code

    Students are to demonstrate group discussion skills by participating in a small group discussion to reach a consensus on a question.
  • 5A.H - Locating, Organizing and Using Information

    Each student will generate ideas and formulate questions using a graphic organizer and define a focus for a report,
  • 5B.H - Gathering and Analyzing Information

    Each student will research and analyze information from primary and secondary print and non-print sources and develop an outline using relevant collected data.
  • 5C.H - Research Project

    Each student will have investigated a research topic and organized information to write a multi-paragraph report or to present a report orally, using a created visual enhancement.

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