Illinois Learning Standards

Stage F - Mathematics

Mathematics Classroom Assessments Aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards

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The assessments are coded according to learning standard and stage. Example: 6A.F is aligned to standard 6A, stage F (sixth grade). Sample student work, when available, will follow the assessment.

  • 6A.F - Number Line

    Determine the approximate value of each marking on a number line using fraction and decimal notation.
  • 6B.F - Fraction of a Number

    Demonstrate the meaning of multiplying fractions using color tiles.
  • 6B& 6C& 8C.F - Calculator Spelling

    Create and solve number sentences on a calculator.
  • 6D.F - New Deck

    Create a new deck of less than 52 cards showing given percents, explain how their created deck meets the criteria and how the sum of the percents can be more than 100%.
  • 7B.F - Estimation Zone

    Estimate distance, weight, temperature, and elapsed time using reasonable units and will determine level accuracy by measuring using appropriate tool.
  • 7C.F Fish Tanks

    Draw a diagram of a rectangular prism-shaped and a triangular prism-shaped fish tank labeling reasonable dimensions for a fish tank that might be purchased for a home. Calculate the surface area and volume, justifying the dimensions, procedures and calculations.
  • 8A & 8B.F Comparing Costs

    Compare the costs of two cellular phone plans and determine the best rate.
  • 8D.F Seesaw Balances

    Determine how the weights of 7 objects on a seesaw can vary and still be in balance and write equations in algebraic terms.
  • 9A & 10A & 10B & 6C & 7A.F Finding Pi

    Determine the circumference and diameter of 6 different objects, calculate the sum, difference, product, and quotient of the circumference and diameter, and from these calculations determine thich relationship produces the value of pi.
  • 9B.F Incomplete Plans

    Construct a building using snap cubes and an incomplete building plan (only two views) and draw the missing view.
  • 9B.F Polygons and Diagonals

    Find the measure of the interior angles of given regular polygons and create a formula for finding the measure of the interior angles of any polygon.
  • 9C.F Quilt Patch Proof

    Construct a convincing argument that the same amount of fabric is needed for each color of a quilt being made in a specific design and that one template will make both parts of the design. Justify the relationship between vertical angles and the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is 180º.
  • 10C.F Coin Drop

    Calculate theoretical and empirical probability by dropping coins on a grid and recording data, and compare the theoretical to the empirical probability.
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