Comprehensive System of Learning Supports

Equal attention to Learning Supports is essential so that:
  • Every student will demonstrate academic achievement and be prepared for success after high school;
  • Every student will be supported by highly prepared and effective teachers and school leaders; and
  • Every school will offer a safe and healthy learning environment for all students.

School Climate - Relationships - Protective Factors

Protective factors are those variables found in individuals, families, communities schools and peers that promote:

Exposure to protective factors may help prevent, lessen, or counteract risk factors (those conditions which put youth at greater risk for participating in risky or delinquent behaviors and developing mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders).

The Search Institute has identified both internal and external developmental assets (i.e., protective factors).

Internal assets include: External assets include:

Research indicates that “…higher levels of developmental assets are consistently related… to student achievement, both concurrently and longitudinally, even after controlling for gender, family composition, socioeconomic status, and race/ethnicity.”

Source- Search Institute Insights & Evidence, October 2003, Vol. 1, No. 1.