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Welcome to the ISBE Division of Educator Licensure Website! The following links provide information on the Illinois licensure process for both new and experienced educators, as well as resources for regional offices of education and higher education institutions. If you have questions or concerns regarding the licensure process in Illinois, please contact your Regional Office of Education.

 Announcements (7/28/16) new

  • To be evaluated for multiple endorsements during your initial evaluation for no extra charge, email a request for the chosen endorsements to licensure@isbe.net.

    Your request must include the specific content area and grade range desired. Please review the available endorsements and corresponding requirements on pages 9-15 of this document before submitting your request. http://www.isbe.net/licensure/requirements/endsmt_struct.pdf

 Program Information (7/25/16)

 How-To Videos (7/14/16) updated