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Educator Licensure

Application Process for Short-Term Emergency Approval in Special Education

(Updated 1/10/14)

Individuals holding the Short Term Emergency Endorsement are eligible to serve students with the following disabilities: Learning Disabilities, Social Emotional Disorders, Mental Retardation, Physically Handicapped, Autism, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

  1. Complete "Application For Short-Term Emergency Approval in Special Education" (ISBE form 73-86) and
    apply online and pay the applicable fee (if required) through your Educator License Information System (ELIS) account.
  • Form must be signed by the requesting teacher, employing district official, college/university official authorized to affix institution seal, and the regional superintendent
  1. Documentation to be provided by the requesting teacher:
  • Official transcripts showing completion of coursework in survey of exceptional children and at least one of the other three areas for approval (To be official, transcripts must be submitted in the sealed envelope from the college or university or be sent directly by the institution. Transcripts received that are not in a sealed envelope from the university or sent directly from the university will be considered unofficial and cannot be used for evaluation purposes.).
  • Applicant's plan of study identifying enrollment in a teacher education institution and coursework to be completed to qualify for an unlimited LBS1 approval or license within the three-year validity period of the requested license
  1. Documentation to be provided by the employing district (public or non-public):
  • Detailed description of the duties/responsibilities to be performed by the candidate - not a generic job description
  • Description of the disabilities, type of classes and age ranges of the population served by the facility
  • Description of supervision including the name, social security number, and the position title of the supervisor and the frequency of supervision
  • Description of the candidate's training, education and/or prior work experiences relevant to the special population including transcripts of all college level special education coursework and letters of prior teaching experience involving students with disabilities
  • Description of the facility's efforts to locate a fully qualified individual including a copy of postings for the position
  1. Documentation to be provided by the college/university:
  • Verification by the Certification Officer that the applicant is enrolled in a preparation program leading to an unlimited LBSI approval or Endorsement and that the applicant's educational plan can be completed within the three-year validity period of the requested endorsement.
  1. The Illinois State Board of Education will review the materials submitted and issue an endorsement or deficiency statement as is appropriate. Should the request be disapproved, a detailed listing of all deficiencies will be generated.