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Educator Licensure

Statements Verifying Teaching Experience

The statement(s) verifying the nature and duration of teaching experience must be submitted to the Regional Office of Education. The statements must be on school or district letterhead and signed by the chief school administrator or a designee. The Regional Superintendent cannot make a recommendation for issuance without the verification of teaching experience.

"Four years of teaching experience" means the equivalent of four years' full-time employment, i.e., eight semesters of full-time teaching on a valid teaching certificate. Experience does not have to be accumulated through full-time teaching. For example, a teacher who teaches half-time for a full year can accumulate four years over eight school years. The years are not required to be consecutive.

To permit timely processing of applications for standard certificates, the State Superintendent of Education may accept applications from individuals who are at least midway through their final semester of required teaching experience, provided that each such individual submits a letter that indicates that:

  1. the individual has completed 3 ½ years of teaching plus the required portion of the final semester; and
  2. the representative of the employing entity knows of no reason why the individual will not complete four years of teaching experience during the then-current semester.

A valid teaching certificate for this purpose is a certificate equivalent to an Illinois Master, Standard, Initial or Provisional early childhood, elementary, secondary, or special certificate or a comparable certificate from another state. (Out-of-state teaching on a comparable certificate does count.)

Time spent teaching or substituting in public or private schools on a valid teaching certificate counts towards the four years of experience. Teaching in a home school or on a substitute certificate (Type 39) or a Transitional Bilingual (Type 29) does not count. Teaching outside the United States does not count for this purpose unless the teaching takes place in a possession or territory of the United States.

Teachers may want to check their certification files using the link to ECS at the top of www.isbe.net to check the date of issuance of their Initial teaching certificates since that issue date will be used to determine years of teaching in Illinois.