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Educator Licensure

Licensure Requirements

The Illinois State Board of Education issues the following types of licenses:

(for detailed information on license types please refer to our FAQ Document)

The links below detail the requirements for obtaining a professional educator license and an educator license with stipulations.  Additional requirements for teaching, administrative, school support personnel, and content/subject area endorsements are outlined in individual documents. Be sure to view the requirements for both the license and the specific endorsement you wish to obtain. If you are an out-of-state or foreign applicant please click here.

For more information please refer to our FAQ document.

Guidelines for Individuals Completing an Illinois Educator Preparation Program PDF format (6/9/14)

ATTENTION! Before you apply for a license or an endorsement, please read this document. See what endorsements and grade ranges are available so you apply appropriately.

Illinois Licensure Requirements and Content Endorsement Structure - July 1, 2013 PDF format (11/24/14)

Illinois License with Stipulations Endorsement Requirements - August, 2013 PDF format (4/14)

Illinois License Registration Information - You must register your license!

Out-Of-State and Foreign Applicant Requirements

Professional Development Provider Information for Educator License Renewal PDF format (12/8/14) new

Professional Development Requirements and CPDU Values for Renewal of Educator Licenses 2013-2014 PDF format (2/14)

Professional Development Requirements for Renewal of Educator Licenses beginning with the first renewal cycle after July 1, 2014 PDF format (12/19/14) new

 Timeline and Requirements for Educator Testing - August 2014 PDF format