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FY2013 NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy


The FY2014 Window for the Illinois NBPTS Candidate Fee Subsidy will reopen in Spring, 2014. Please continue to monitor the following websites for updates.


Illinois National Board Support

Illinois is pleased to announce that the Illinois State Board of Education has renewed the contractual agreement for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Program for 2013-2014. The contractor is the National Board Resource Center at Illinois State University (NBRC) directed by Debra Kasperski, NBCT. The work is aligned to deliver services to support candidates in targeted schools. Educators seeking information on Illinois NBPTS candidacy support or NBCT Mentoring/Professional Development support should visit the following websites for updates:


Illinois National Board Licensure Renewal Information

(7/22/14) new
  1. How many PD hours do these NBCTs log for completing the NB renewal? Do they need the PD Evidence forms from a PD provider or is there something already on ELIS for completing NBPTS?
  2. NBCTs in their current cycle will not be subject to the new law until after they renew and are in their next renewal cycle.  For example, an NBCT who is up for renewal in  2020 will need 40 professional development hours (formerly CPDUs) to renew for this cycle.  All PD completed prior to July 1, 2014 must be entered into ELIS no later than December 31, 2014.  In their next renewal cycle, the PEL will be valid for five years and licensees must complete 60 hours of PD before they can register.  All educators should monitor the status of the Educator Licensure website for updates in case there are any changes in the fall when the proposed Administrative rules are implemented.

    NBCTs who are completing renewal will have to maintain a log of the hours they are spending in activities that constitute PD, and should request from the approved provider (university, local school district, regional office, etc.) a completed Evidence of Completion form with the total hours aligned to the log.  These forms may be issued at the end of the NB renewal or at intervals prior to finish as PD hours are accrued.

  3. What happens when they achieve NBPTS the second time? How is this information entered into ELIS?
  4. If an NBCT renews his/her NBPTS certification the hours completed, (at least 60), should be entered into ELIS as professional development hours, 1 contact hour = 1 professional development hour.   Each educator is responsible for entering their own professional development into ELIS.  There are no more uniquely qualifying options but if an IL educator achieves or renews NB by August 31, 2014 they can use the uniquely-qualifying activity to fulfill the entire requirement for this cycle. 
  5. All new and renewed NBCTs will automatically receive an NBPTS Master Teacher Designation, NBCTs need not apply.  This designation does not change the validity period of the Professional Educator License.  If an NBCT chooses to not renew his/her NB certification, the designation will be removed from the Illinois credentials.