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Applications, documents and training materials from Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III of Race to the Top.

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  • Governor Quinn Announces Nearly $43 Million in Race to the Top Competition Federal Funding Award to Advance K-12 Reforms, Improve Student Achievement and Boost Science Technology Engineering, Math (STEM) Learning Across Illinois
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  • Select Illinois districts accelerate education reform under federal Race to the Top program Thirty-seven districts raise the bar to improve student achievement
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Phase I Archive

Phase I Document Archive

Phase I Webinar and Presentation Archive

  • Illinois' Race to the Top Application —  Phase I Webinar
    December 18, 2009
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  • ARRA Title I Waivers—Webinar
    December 17, 2009

    Provides information on the application process for Title I, Part A waivers. The waivers included in the ARRA-NCLB Consolidated Application deal with aspects of ARRA funding, such as waivers to permit an LEA to exclude ARRA funds when making certain fiscal and “set-aside” calculations and waivers of two Title I regulatory provisions related to the implementation of public school choice and supplemental educational services (SES). The carry-over wavier is not being processed through the application but is also be discussed.

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