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(Note: some directories are organized by RCDTS Code - Please use the RCDTS Code Lookup to identify your school)

Directory of Educational Entities Excel File 

A master directory of all public and non-public entities that provide direct services to K-12 students in Illinois. It includes contact information, total enrollment, grade levels served and legislative districts for Private and Public Schools, Public Districts and other Public Units (i.e., Regional Programs, Dept. of Corrections, Special Ed Cooperatives and Vocational schools). The directory is updated nightly.

Historical Files

Note: The tabs are at the bottom of the excel sheet, and users can change sheets by clicking on the appropriate tab. The Categories sheet is a guide for the codes used in the "Category" column of the other sheets. Users are strongly encouraged to consult the Categories sheet prior to searching or sorting the directories, since some sheets contain multiple categories [e.g. Public includes entities from categories 2 (Districts) and 4 (Schools)].

Non-Public School Directory and Enrollment Statistics

This file provides both directory and enrollment data for non-public schools. Due to the increased number of data fields, the file was divided into Elementary and Secondary files beginning in 2003-04. Note: Some non-public schools serve non-traditional grade ranges (e.g., K-12) and will appear in both files.

Magnet Schools
ROE 14 Conversion

EPS - Entity Profile System: Guidelines, Change Procedures and ISBE Gatekeepers
  PDF File (5/14)

Key to Coding Illinois Schools & Districts
  PDF File

Districts and schools in Illinois are identified by a unique 15- digit code. The first 11 numbers of the code identify the school district Region (2), County (3), District (4) and Type (2). The last four numbers identify the particular school in the school district. This document shows how schools and regional programs are coded. It also contains Code Tables for: District Types, School Types, Regional Offices and Counties.

Rural/Urban Designations for Illinois School Districts (Locale Codes)

This file contains a list of Illinois public school districts and their locale codes for rural/urban designations. Locale code category definitions are included. More information on locale codes is available at

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