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bullet What are Supplemental Educational Services?

Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Section 1116 (e), students from low-income families attending schools that do not make adequate yearly progress for three or more years are eligible to receive Supplemental Educational Services (SES). ISBE’s Data Analysis Division determines school status for each school year and publishes a list.

School districts are responsible for funding these services, which must be provided outside the normal school day, through their Title I, Part A funds.  The ISBE must develop and apply objective criteria to create a list of approved SES providers.

As required by the United States Department Education, ISBE provides assistance to districts with the implementation of the SES requirements and regulates the SES provider services.

bullet What are the Goals of SES?

  1. To provide opportunities to students to help them increase their academic achievement.
  2. To provide options to parents to help them ensure that their children receive a quality education.
  3. To provide incentives to districts to improve schools in need of improvement.

For questions regarding Supplemental Educational Services please contact the ISBE SES staff.

bullet ISBE Contacts for SES

Gary Greene
312/814-2621 (fax)

ISBE - Innovation and Improvement Division
217/785-9031 (fax)