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School District/Joint Agreement Budget Forms (50-36/50-39)

(Updated May, 2016)

FY2016-17 - Now Available for downloading

  • School District Budget Form Excel Spreadsheet (50-36)
  • New this year: Added Accounts 4110 Payments for Regular Programs and 4120 Payments for Special Education Programs to all funds in the Expenditure/Disbursement’s. Rules Section 100.TABLE D Expenditure Accounts

  • Joint Agreement Budget FormExcel Spreadsheet (50-39)

  • Submit the School District Budget to ISBE
    through the Attachment Manager to School Financial Reports (SFR).

Dates to Remember (Due Annually)

  • Deadline to adopt the joint agreement budget -September 1
  • Deadline to adopt the school district budget -September 30
  • Deadline to submit the electronic budget to ISBE – October 31
  • Deadline for posting the budget on the districts website – Immediately after adoption
  • Deadline for amending the budget – June 30
  • Deadline for submitting the amended budget – June 30

  • Illinois Administrative Code - Part 100 (see Section 100.130 and Table C).  School districts/joint agreements are required to follow the rules for accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and auditing. 
  • The School Code, Section 17-1(105 ILCS 5/17-1) requires all school districts and joint agreements to prepare and adopt an annual budget. 
  • The School Code, Section 17-1 requires all school districts to submit their adopted/amended budget to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) no later than October 30, annually.
  • The School Code, Section 17-1.2 requires those school districts who maintain a website to publish the adopted annual budget.  The website must be maintained with the most current budget.
  • The School Code, Section 34-43 requires those school districts who post the budget on their website to notify all parents of its availability and website address.
  • The School Code, Section 10-20.21 requires districts to complete and submit a “Vendor Contracts 28” report.  This report is on tab 28 of the school district budget form.

Because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), new emergency accounting rules have been established.  All Illinois schools are expected to receive nearly three billion dollars in stimulus money.  Most of the funds will arrive in FY 2010 and 2011, and the FY2011-12 budget form will reflect how those funds are used. 

All ARRA revenue funds will be recorded as federal money in (4800) accounts. For ARRA account numbers select:  23 Illinois Administrative Code - Part 100 (see Section 100.130 and Table C).

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