Student Information System

Transferring CPS and Non-CPS Students Within Illinois

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Student Information System (SIS) is vital to state processes such as the statewide transferring of students.

Transferring Students

If a non-CPS school contacts a CPS school concerning student enrollment, please check to see whether that student is physically at the CPS school. If the student is no longer in membership/attendance at that CPS school, the CPS school should withdraw the student from their school in IMPACT. IMPACT supplies the enrollment and withdrawal information to SIS nightly. The student will be withdrawn from the ISBE SIS.

However, if the student is physically present and receiving services at the CPS school, inform the non-CPS school that they should withdraw him from their school. If the non-CPS public school is insistent that they have the child as well, forward all such requests to the IMPACT SIS Helpline at (773) 553-1240, or for further investigation and resolution.

Duplicate Students

In cases where there are duplicate students (two different students with similar sounding names and the same birth date), the IMPACT SIS Helpline, upon receiving an inquiry from a non-CPS school, will contact the CPS school to ascertain the status of the student in question. If the student is currently enrolled at the CPS school, then the CPS school does nothing. If the student is not at the CPS school, then the CPS school withdraws the student from IMPACT, which will, in effect, withdraw the student from SIS.

These are the basic scenarios that CPS schools should encounter in responding to transfer requests from non-CPS schools. More complex interactions will be facilitated by the IMPACT SIS Helpline.

Please direct questions to the IMPACT SIS Helpline at (773) 553-1240, or